Free Course on Stock Market for Beginners

Investing :  Stock Market Course for Beginners” This course covers the basics of the stock market, including stock selection, risk management, and creating an investment plan. It provides an overview of key concepts and is suitable for beginners. While there may be paid options on, this course is often available for free.

Stocks market brokers : Risks and Returns” on Courser’s: Offered by the University of Michigan, this course introduces the fundamentals of stocks and bonds, risk and return, and portfolio management. It covers key concepts and provides insights into investing strategies. While the course itself is free, there may be a fee if you want to obtain a certificate.

Introduction to Investments: This course, offered by the University of Melbourne, provides an introduction to investments and covers topics such as asset classes, diversification, and risk management. It is designed for beginners and is available for free, with the option to pay for a certificate.

Remember to check the availability of these courses as they may be subject to changes or updates by the course providers. Additionally, keep in mind that while free courses can provide a good starting point, it’s also beneficial to supplement your learning with books, articles, and real-world practice to gain a well-rounded understanding of the stock market.

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