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Share Market Research Company in Lucknow


As India’s first exclusive stock market analytical company, Skylark Groups aims to empower traders and investors about day trading and all the key performance indicators of the trade market. We have also gained enough expertise in copy trading, allowing investors and traders to copy the trades of some of the most well-known traders and gain more expertise.

Every trader or investor signing up for our website can enroll for free classes on the day and copy trading in the stock market. We offer several courses and organize classes to ensure everyone knows more about the stock market, trading analysis, and strategies. Our experts not only communicate with the users and resolve their queries with prompt responses, but we also work on various aspects like training the traders and investors about day and stock market trades.

We take pride in the fact that our users can easily make the most out of our services and know more about the trade market. They gain a competitive advantage and can primarily make maximum profits from day trading.

How To Start Earning with Skylark Groups

SKYLARK GROUPS is a new age stocks market analysis firm Lucknow India who have made DAY TRADING very easy .


NISM Certification

The Well Designed and Informative Lessons, Clear Instructions, and Dedicated Support Team make sure that our clients get the BEST TRAINING on the Stock Market. When you train with us, you get the opportunity to LEARN the skills needed to execute our CORE STRATEGY. Our proven techniques will help you generate regular INCOME and create WEALTH for a secure future. SKYLARK GROUP offers a comprehensive course covering diverse asset classes. You get the opportunity to CHOOSE the one that best suits your trading or investing style.

Stock MArket Classes

( Specially for new comers )
CHARGES - 5000/-
Money Back Guarantee *
- 15000/-
Money Back Guarantee *
( Job Guarantee )
CHARGES - 75000/-
Money Back Guarantee *


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Why choose Skylark Groups?

Our online trading site is reliable and trustworthy as we have incorporated several security and authentication features. Whatever data you will provide as the user, everything will be stored at a secured warehouse from where no one can get access, even our in house team. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about joining us and sharing your confidential information while creating the account. Besides, we do not entertain anonymous trading in the stock market, which is why we are also one of the trustworthy trading platforms in the country.

We have a lot of online study materials at our online platform, from where traders can easily study and gain more knowledge about different types of trading, including option trading, day trading, copy trading, and so on. These study materials are available for free and traders can access them at anytime.

We have curated trading strategies and modernized our services in a manner that we can ensure you suffer no loss from the trades you open and close accordingly. If you have any further confusion, you can come and talk with our experts to know more about how this trading platform works and the ways in which we have established 100% assurance for no loss.

Unlike other stockbroker platforms, you won’t have to keep a constant eye on the trades all the time. We have incorporated an automatic creating monitor that will continuously keep an eye on the trade you initiated and compared them with the price action movement. Therefore, you won’t even have to worry about not being able to keep an eye constantly on the open trades.

We have implemented different strategies for day trading, copy trading, and option trading. Therefore, if you want to use these strategies and make successful trades, do let us know and we will offer the test results we ran for better reliability.

On top of this, we have also included curation of customized plans according to the requirements of traders. This has given us an added advantage since customized plans seem to work much better than generic ones.

If you want to learn more about different types of trading, essentially day and copy trading, do not wait much and connect with us at the earliest. We will walk you through the features on our online trading platform and help you find the best strategy that can bring maximum profit for your account. Not only have we adopted a unique and significant approach towards training our traders and encouraging them to open the trades even when the price action movement is somewhat unpredictable but we also take pride in the fact that our traders act responsibly.


At Skylarks Group (Best stock market brokers in Lucknow India), we do not charge any commission and transaction fee. This is one of the prime reasons for which we assure you trading at our site is super easy and convenient.

All traders and investors collaborating with Skylarks Group (best stock market advisory firm in Lucknow India) will have unrestricted access to the online study materials. These can be used to gain more knowledge on trading methods, strategies, price action movement, and several other aspects pertaining to the trades.

At the Skylark Groups (best stock broker in Lucknow India for Trading), one can trade with day trading strategy primarily. But apart from this, traders will also get the option to work with copy and option trading strategies.

First, the user needs to create an account at the Skylark Groups with all the information required. After this, they can attend the classes to learn more about day and copy trading mainly. Once they are sure of their skills, they can get started with real-time trading.

No, day trading has the least volatility since the position needs to be opened and closed before midnight. Therefore, the trade won’t be exposed to the vulnerabilities of overnight price action movement.